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Why Choose Us?

As you may have noticed, Chesterfield has many options when it comes to garage and you are wondering why choose Winspear Motor Engineering over the rest? Here’s why.
Our prime aim is to deliver stellar, straightforward, and competent auto repair at a cost that is unbeatable. The hallmarks of our services are fair pricing and we make sure to always diagnose the problem correctly the first time around, explain the issue, and offer you a comprehensive quote before we start on any job.
Only after your consent do we proceed with the job to your satisfaction and the quote remains the same. No hidden charges or any hanky panky.
In the event there’s a repair issue that is unique and requires a special skill set or equipment and cannot be handled by our garage, we would be more than happy to recommend you to one that can sort out the issue for you.

We pride ourselves in these and it reflects well on our current and previous customers. We know this to be true because of the many loyal customers that we have kept for many years and the positive reviews that they have given us in respect to our professional service.
If you are looking for a reliable garage near you, or if you have had bad garage experiences before in Chesterfield, then it’s time to work with the best in the business: Winspear Motor Engineering
Call us today for any queries or a non-committal free comprehensive quote on a repair job that you need and receive prompt, expedient and professional car repair service that you can trust.