Frequently Asked Questions:

Question – Does this work?

Answer – YES. Absolutely yes. This system we have used for my other business. This other business is manufacturing and deals directly with people in Chesterfield, Dronfield, and Bolsover. We have applied this method for years now and it has more than doubled our profitability. To understand it more send a text or request me to call you back. I have a lot to say and prove but we offer DAILY marketing. That is the bit I need to get across DAILY marketing.

Question – Do you help with ideas for my advert, OR Radio Advert, etc.

Answer – Absolutely yes. Just search the right-hand side with all our advertisers. You can see who we talk to and who we don’t. The discussion and help are for you to request. This may seem harsh but we have learned one thing over the years. Those who ask for help, want it, Listen to it and we work well with them. They are also the ones who get really good results. Sadly some remain silent and expect more results from minimal effort. They never get it. Its a choice and one we wait for. It’s all to see from the right-hand side.

Question – If I am not happy can I come out.

Answer – Absolutely. It is easy. Just send a message before the 20th of any month and you are out. If you send it after the 20th of any month you are in the next edition. Money is still due and then you are out. If you have a deal and come out before the agreed time there may be an adjustment you owe. We will inform you once you confirm you wish to leave.

Question – (THE Most popular question we get)     Why so cheap?

Answer – I run another very popular. Very busy and very profitable business. Marketing has been its success. We are really good at it. We offer a fair price for a magnificent service. No catch. No traps. Just results. We simply repeat our formula, our secrets and offer it to you. It is your choice to continue doing something different. This Magazine isn’t our main income. So we can afford to be very competitive with better results. Remember we have advertised everywhere.

Question – How many people will see my Business?

Answer – Hard to answer but here goes. So far the Magazine has an audience (21.07.2019) of just over 2500 people and rising. The selling Groups account for over 50,000 members and rising with more groups to come. The Bronze service is promoted daily and gets presented between 400 and 800 people per day. The Silver service gets all the above but also targetted marketing. This means people with a very high conversion rate tailored to your business. Gold is all the previous with more “Stand Out” marketing. Plus TWO paid for campaigns targetting specific customers your business will miss without this service. It will also with our biggest secret provide you with the very best advert, TWICE that money can buy within a few months. This is all for a price that is affordable coupled with amazing results. Long term it will be the best decision you will ever make. It will make your current marketing look stupid and financially wasteful.

Question – You mention somewhere there are limited spaces? Really? I don’t believe you?

Answer – There really is a limit. We use a company that creates the most unique “FACEBOOK FLIP FOLDER” in the world. It, however, comes with a limit on space. For us, it is not cheap but it allows us to keep the Magazine within Facebook and Promote it. Nothing else in the world at this time (21.07.2019) that does the same. All others are a link OUTSIDE of Facebook and we found annoyingly crude. However, space-wise, on this date today we believe we are slightly over half full. So there will be a time we get an enquiry and we have to say “sorry we are full” or I want to re-run my advert and we say “sorry we are full”. We can at present upload a PDF no larger than 400MB. You will notice from August 2019 we have added VIDEO and LINKS to the magazine. This takes up space but it makes for a Magazine that is read more.